How to Tie a Fencing Termination Knot

This short video from Tim Thompson explains how to tie a fencing termination knot. Tie this knot instead of stapling your wires to the fence post, which can damage the wire and slip over time, causing your expensive fence to fail.

The Technique

  • Wrap the wire around the post
  • Bring it over the standing wire and bend it away from you to form a horseshoe bend in the wire.
  • Bring the working end up inside the loop you’ve just made around the post and lift it straight up so it’s in line with the post.
  • Wrap the working end over the loop you’ve just made, in the direction of the standing wire (staying on the same side of the standing wire) until it’s straight down along the post.
  • Make a crank handle and take 3 turns around the wire
  • Finish off by snapping off the wire by changing the direction of your cranking from around the wire to along the wire.

In this case, Thompson is tying the knot at the beginning of a single run of high tensile fence wire. You can just as easily tie the knot at the other end when you’re holding the wire under tension.

Just a note: the still image for the video shows the knot tied starting from crossed under; in the video he demonstrates starting with the wire crossed over. Works both ways.

To see this same technique used on woven wire fence, take a look at this video at about 10:30

Of course, you don’t have to use this fancy wrap. A video from RedBrand, a fence manufacturer, just shows the installer taking ordinary wraps around the wire.

Here’s a termination knot we tied in some deer and rabbit exclusion fence we just put up:

fencing termination knot