Match Outlets & Fixtures to Circuit Breakers with this Tool

The Klein Tools ET310 AC Circuit Breaker Finder with Integrated GFCI Outlet Tester shows you which circuit breaker is controlling your electrical outlet or fixture. See how:


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The Technique

  • The Klein ET310 comes in two sections. Plug the outlet tester into the outlet.
  • Wave the other tool at your circuit breaker panel until the tool beeps to show you which circuit breaker controls the outlet.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by having to walk back and forth from the room where you want to work to the electrical panel, turning off one breaker at a time, or having to drag your husband or wife out of their current project to help you, this is the tool for you.

It can match outlets or fixtures to the proper circuit breaker in one step.

Turning off the power to your circuit is the key safety step in doing any DIY electrical work. This tool makes it so much easier.

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