Leak-proof Kitchen Drain Pipes with Plumber’s Putty

Here’s a tip to make sure your under-sink drain pipes don’t get loose over time and start leaking, especially if you have a garbage disposal.


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The Technique

When you put the slip joint together, pack in some plumber’s putty. This will make a tighter seal and keep the joint from coming loose.

Most under-sink waste pipe you can pick up at your local hardware store or online is pretty junky. You’re putting a lot of faith in a cheap connection.

Plumber’s putty, if you’re not familiar, is a clay-like substance that comes in a little container, like yogurt. Instructions usually say to warm up a chunk of it between your hands and roll it out into a snake before packing it into the joint. It’s what you use when you’re attaching a sink drain to the hole in the bottom of your sink.