How to Pour Paint From a Gallon Can Without Spilling

Who hasn’t struggled to deal with a messy can of paint? You slop it into a smaller cup to take up a ladder. Paint goes everywhere. The spill down the side is extra annoying because it covers up the sticker telling you the exact shade, so when you come back a year later for a touch up you can’t tell what the precise color was. Then you’re left with a mess when you go to put the lid back on.

Here’s a different way. All you need is some wide blue painter’s tape.


No mess pouring @tinamadlibs #laundrytok

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No video? Watch it on TikTok

The Technique

  • Shake the paint can (she’s got another video on this)
  • Open it up.
  • Use two strips of wide blue painters tape to make a “V” on the edge of the can. Watch the video to see how it’s done.
  • Pour
  • Remove the tape
  • Put the lid back on.

Here’s a screenshot of the final setup:

Make a pouring spot for your paint can with blue painter's tape.